Citizen Endorsements

Donzel Leggett is exactly the candidate we need and want. He is of the highest caliber, personally and professionally.

Donzel’s proven value-based leadership and fiscal responsibility will provide the platform for him to work with all Minnesota Representatives to ensure that our schools, families and communities will prosper. Donzel will work to be sure everyone is included in all of the quality of life aspects that Minnesota is continually recognized for across our nation.
— Scott M. Knight, Chaska MN
Having been a lifelong registered Republican, I am tired of the partisanship by both parties that is damaging our state and nation. Donzel’s demonstrated approach brings what might appear to be opposing sides together. We have everything to gain with his level-headed desire to be a leader rather than a politician.
— Chuck Lieber, Chaska MN
Donzel is a natural leader and will be a great addition to the Minnesota House. His impeccable character, proven leadership and ability to focus on the most important issues facing the community are qualities rarely found in a leader, but that is what we have in Donzel. I am excited that he is running, and I look forward to working with him to improve our community for years to come.
— Dean Phillips, Congressional District 3 Candidate
After just a few minutes with Donzel, I was sure that I wanted him to represent me in the State House. A common sense leader who has spent his career not only improving the lives of workers, but also making his company more profitable seems a perfect combination to go solve today’s civic problems.
— James Denton, Chanhassen MN
Donzel Leggett is one of the best business leaders that I have had the pleasure of encountering during my 30 year career as a global manufacturing leader. Donzel’s leadership style is driven by results, is principle based, and has strategic intent.
However, his ability to inspire others to take action is what makes him a truly differential leader. He is a leader that cares for all his team members, for their success and development. It is this inclusive leadership that transforms organizations and changes peoples’ lives for the better.
I also know Donzel as a great father of a loving family and a friend. I was not surprised that Donzel has stepped out to serve and to lead during these times of need, to fight once again for our American Values of One Nation for all.
Donzel’s commitment to serve reminds me of a quote I read at the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Park:
Cowardice asks the question “is it safe?”
Expediency asks the question “is it politics?”
Vanity asks the question “is it popular?”
But conscience asks the question “is it right?”
And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but he must take it because conscience tells him that is right.
I know that Donzel will do what is right for all.
I am proud to call him my friend and my leader. I know the people of Disctrict 47B and the people of Minnesota would be right to elect him this November.
— Carlos Caballero Supply Chain, General Mills
Donzel Leggett is my ideal representative! After being his neighbor for 15 plus years, he is everything I thought and more. He is intelligent, driven by common sense, and committed to the greater good. I was teary almost the entire time he spoke this evening—in a good way! Not sure why I was so emotional, other than he is definitely someone I can support. I think his views and values resonate strongly with mine. I am encouraged by his resolve to consider issues and vote for what he believes will benefit the majority of our community regardless of party lines. I am also inspired by his willingness to dialogue and engage with all constituents. He does not avoid difficult exchanges. The appeal of Donzel is that he is a leader, not a politician.
— Jill Browning, Chaska, MN
Through thoughtful insight and calm inquiry, Donzel Leggett is a true leader. He engages all stakeholders to discuss important issues that face us as a community and has an innate ability to find common ground, build trust with those around him, while standing up to fight for what’s right. It’s only natural that Donzel would seek the House seat in 47B. He cares, he listens. He wants the best for his community, his state, and his country. I couldn’t think of a better person to address the challenges we - as a people - face today. I enthusiastically endorse this man. He’s who we need. Find time to talk with him and I think you’ll agree.
— Adam Jennings, Tonka Bay City Council Member and former Candidate for Congress
Donzel is that truly unique combination of smarts, compassion, honesty and energy that inspires, problem solves, is inclusive and does the right thing …
and he knows a thing or two about manufacturing, and how to help Minnesota attract, maintain and grow it’s manufacturing base. He is exactly the
leader that is needed in government, and I am proud to support his candidacy for the people of Eastern Carver County and all Minnesotans.
— Mary Leizinger - Chair Carver County Democrats - SD47
Every single time I hear you speak, it inspires me more! You just get it...you know how to highlight the best in everyone you meet. You know how to make them feel worthy. You make them feel heard, that their words are important.

The passion you have for doing what is right is infectious.

I couldn’t be more proud & excited to be doing my part on your campaign team! You are a leader in the truest sense of the word.

You are correct...we WILL win!

This community, this district, this state, this country NEEDS your leadership. The time is now.
I just want to thank you for all that you do, my friend!
— Jen Welvaert, Chaska MN
Donzel is a terrific candidate who is running a fantastic, high-energy campaign. His experience in business & the community have created a true leader. He finds solutions by facing challenges head-on, which makes him the right choice to represent District 47B.
— Ken Martin Chairman, Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party