I will fight for measures that strengthen our economy to enable businesses to grow and succeed and attract more and better jobs that pay a fair and living wage. As a leader in our business community, I know that the lifeblood of any state is economic growth and prosperity.  Growing the economy is critically important to driving a prosperous agenda that benefits all Minnesotans.



I will fight for affordable healthcare because I believe that healthcare is a right, not a privilege. We must address the health care crisis that is gun violence and protect our 2nd amendment rights.


I will fight for Education because I believe the best investment we can make is the education of our young people.  I will prioritize college tuition affordability,  early childhood education, and addressing Minnesota’s opportunity gap


I will fight for Affordable Housing and solutions to end homelessness in our district and state.

Equal Rights

I will fight for Equal Rights including protecting a woman’s right to choose and equal pay for equal work.  I will be outspoken and dedicated to ending sexual harassment and trafficking in our state.  I will push for measures to ensure equality regardless of race, religion, gender and sexual orientation and to improve access and opportunity for Minnesotans with disabilities, and care, protections and services for our aging population.    


I will fight to protect our Environment because I believe that we all have a responsibility to address climate change and take measures to ensure that we leave our beautiful state in better condition than it is today for our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.